AGC careers booklet launch with Hon David Littleproud MP and Graham Ross AM, VMM

Australian Garden Council
August 10, 2021


The Australian Garden Council is proud to announce the launch of our career booklets in schools, for both younger high school students, as well as those coming to the end of their school education who are looking to pursue a career.

On Sunday the 8th of August, Federal Minister for Agriculture and Northern Australia, Hon David Littleproud MP, joined Graham Ross AM, AMM on the Garden Clinic radio show. Together they officially launched the booklets, in a quest to get more young people into life-long, successful careers in gardening and horticulture.

In the last two years, there has been a dramatic surge of interest in gardening, which has been so very important during some challenging times. Some people have lived through quite long periods of isolation, and the ability to garden, even if via pots on their windowsill, has been pivotal to their mental well-being. As Minister Littleproud said on the show:

 “People have awoken to the opportunity to what they can do in their gardens, and [we] want to build on that.

 “This is an important piece of work, to be able to get out in front of the next generation, to let them become aware of the opportunities that lay ahead.

 “We take for granted and drive past our parks, our botanical gardens and even our sporting fields and just think that they’re there as it’s an easy job to lay of turf down or throw a plant in the ground. It’s not, there’s a lot more to it than that”.

 The pair discussed the challenges that the industry faces if we miss the opportunity of getting great, passionate young people into horticulture as they begin their careers post school. These booklets have been created to demonstrate to young people that you can have a great lifestyle, be financially rewarded, take part in satisfying work in the community and for individuals.

 Minister Littleproud was enthusiastic to share “These will be pivotal in opening the minds of young Australians to the opportunities in horticulture”.

 To listen to the Garden Clinic episode from Sunday 8th August, head to:

Link here on 2gb
Link here on Spotify
Link here on Apple podcasts

Would like to download your own copy? Head to our Careers page for a PDF of each booklet you can download and share.

Would you like hard copies for your school or community group? Email us at

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