Press Release - 2023's Future Legend of Australian Gardening Competition Springs to Life

Australian Garden Council
November 6, 2023

2023's Future Legend of Australian Gardening Competition Springs to Life

Press Release Nov 6, 2023

The Australian Garden Council (AGC) Presents: The 2nd Annual 'Future Legend of Australian Gardening' Competition. After a successful 2022 competition unearthing two exceptional future garden leaders, the competition will run again with new sponsors and new prize packs. back for another year. 

The competition is open to young people working anywhere in the gardening industry or engaging with gardens in any capacity (eg: a community garden, a neighbour's garden or their own). Young horticulturalists and green thumbs can nominate themselves or be nominated by their employer, workmate or friend as a ‘Future Legend of Australian Gardening’.

The objectives of this competition are to:
- raise the status of gardening amongst young people,
- engage more young people with the AGC and industry bodies,
- showcase the benefits of a gardening career to a young audience,
- highlight the wellbeing and health benefits of gardening amongst young people.

The AGC is helping to make gardening appealing to young people by recognising and celebrating the work of their peers in our industry and in our community. This competition is more than just accolades. It's about being a part of a welcoming and supportive community - the gardening and horticulture family.

Prizes await the champions of each category, which include:
- Australian Institute of Horticulture Friends Membership ($99 in value) | AIH
- $150 gardening hamper from Yates 
- $150 gardening hamper from Seasol
- A selection of three x 20 hour gardening and horticulture courses, selected by ACS Distance Education

In addition, every single entry will get their choice of a free garden-focused e-book from ACS Distance Education.

The competition webpage here highlights all the information about entering the competition, terms and conditions, sponsors and the prize packs for 2023.

For further information or access to our media kit please contact our Communications Coordinator, Lauren Danecek |

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