Networking & Horticultural Associations

Networking sounds daunting, however there are so many things that you can learn from talking to people and getting to know people in your industry. The horticulture industry is lucky enough to have lots of associations and groups that you can join to learn more and gain more knowledge. Some associations even offer free memberships to students.

Should I join a professional body?

If you’re interested in a horticultural career, then joining the Australian Institute of Horticulture is a great place to start. The organization's Friends Of Horticulture Membership enables anyone with an interest in horticulture to benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience from 'Horticulturist' and 'Registered Horticulturist' members, at an affordable price. By joining you become a part of a growing community of horticulturists at a time when people are turning to their gardens and landscapes for solace and wellbeing. 


Those of us in the industry know that the real power of being part of something is a little bit intangible - it's about making connections between people who know how to make opportunities.

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