$490,000 to support future of Aussie horticulture

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$490,000 to support future of Aussie horticulture
30 March 2019

$490,000 for Australian Garden Council
A four year program to promote horticulture skills and careers
Strengthens horticulture industry as well as regional and urban communities
The Australian Garden Council will receive a $490,000 grant from the Coalition Government to promote gardening and horticulture careers to secondary school leavers.

Minister for Agriculture David Littleproud said the project would increase horticulture awareness and support young Australians, whether they are just setting out or already trained and working in horticulture.

"Horticulture makes a huge contribution to our communities and we too often take it for granted," Minister Littleproud said.

"It goes far beyond the food that we eat. Horticulture underpins many communities and the Australian way of life.

"This funding will allow the Australian Garden Council to increase awareness of horticulture as a rewarding career option for school-leavers.

"It will support stronger promotion and marketing of gardening and horticulture through school visits, career days, detailed information for career advisors and video production.

"Research will assess the capacity of the education sector to deliver the skills required by industry.

"The Council will also focus on delivering more apprenticeships, strengthening collaboration between young horticulturalists through an annual conference and expanding regional networks.

"This gives our kids hands-on, practical skills they can take back to regional communities."

The Coalition Government continues to invest in the environment through the $1.1 billion National Landcare Program.

The grant was delivered under Phase 2 of the National Landcare Program – Building Landcare Community and Capacity Program.

Fast Facts:

The Australian Garden Council is reinstating gardening onto the national agenda by incorporating and promoting gardening, gardening tourism and gardening education into one not‐for-profit charity.
The Australian Garden Council highlights domestic gardening, focuses on professional horticultural recognition, improving secondary and tertiary gardening educational opportunities and attracting inbound tourists through international garden tourism events.
The Council has received $490,000 (GST inclusive) for a four year project that aims to increase the awareness of gardening and ornamental horticulture as a rewarding career for secondary school leavers.$490,000-to-support-future-of-Aussie-horticulture.aspx