The Australian Garden Council

The Australian Garden Council was launched at Parliament House in Canberra, on November 25th 2015, prompted by a number of federal MP's to promote gardening and gardens across the nation. The profile of gardening has been too low for too long. Until November 2015, gardening had not been mentioned in our national parliament for more than 25 years, despite being a more popular pastime than anything else across the country.

On its formation the committee of 13 heard of many problems and opportunities in the garden industry.  Garden tourism is a massive global industry (300 million tourists), but one that Australia has yet to tap into. Fantastic career and business opportunities exist for young people in gardening; but all too often, school leavers are simply unaware of these possibilities.

The Prime Minister. Malcolm Turnbull, told those present of the need to encourage more Australians, particularly in inner city areas, to get gardening. The health benefits alone are huge.
Clearly there is a massive untapped potential for Australians to become more involved in gardening at home, growing their own produce and improving their
psychological and physical health at the same time. There is also a wonderful opportunity for us to grow our garden industry, expanding garden tourism, education and exports of all sorts.

Supporting YoungHort

YoungHort is an Australian wide organisation run by young horticulturists, promoting horticulture as a rewarding career option in Australia.

YoungHort Australia is aligned with YoungHort UK which has already made stellar progress in the UK to raise awareness of the importance of the Horticultural industry. We both share a common goal of inspiring and enhancing the future of the industry for young people, especially those wanting to progress into a horticultural career.

This Australian initiative is made up of Ambassadors, members, mentors and sponsors, that all play a key role in raising the profile and professionalism of the industry to many young enthusiastic horticulturists. Whilst maintaining and developing important links to influential groups and companies within the Industry.

Careers in Horticulture